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Do you know how motorcycle shock absorbers work?


Now briefly introduce its working principle. Motorcycle shock absorbers are the most commonly used shock absorbers for motorcycles. The telescopic front fork is connected with the front wheel and the frame, which not only plays a part of the skeleton support role, but also plays the role of a shock absorbers. With the mutual expansion and contraction between the handle tube and the sleeve,

With the movement of the handle tube, the oil in chamber B is pressurized and flows to chamber C through the small hole on the handle pipe. The oil in the front fork flows through the small holes arranged in the partition wall. when the handle tube is compressed.

The compressive force is attenuated by resistance. When the compression stroke is approaching the limit, the oil flows. The tapered oil seal at the end of the shank will be inserted, thereby closing the passage of oil in the B chamber. At this time, the oil pressure in chamber B rises sharply

The difference is that the upper end of the steel body of the hydraulic motorcycle shock absorber is closed and a small hole is left on the valve. When the rear wheel encounters a raised road surface and is impacted, the structure of the hydraulic shock absorber is basically similar to that of the suction pump. . The cylinder moves upwards,


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